Poems by- Uday Shakar Durjay

Poems by- Uday Shakar Durjay

Wiped Out Utmost Vision

When you would sit next to me to count the spectacular stars, I felt an unbounded obsession instead of counting. I would catch the rain, but you would offer me a snow shower, how can you read my mind? I believe your heart, believe the bottom layer of your soul; huge crystal diamonds shine in there. Diamonds never lie to the hearts. The greatest gift is once your eyes would just see my deep pain, once your velvet-touch would take me away from this earth.

I feel a few pieces of broken sun come through the window. I try to look for my glasses and I realise last night I lost my eyesight. Apparently, all cosmological views have been wiped out from my vision. I’ve been there a thousand times to find your shadow. I tried to find the table where you touched the surface, but no trace at all here. I catch the same rain, but no one can read my mind. It’s dark like my eyesight. All the crestfallen threatened to overwhelm me.

A White Dust Festival

Snow is a magical stimulation, a spectacular illustration of the lime splash. Trees get summer shower in the winter when the sky outbreaks unconditionally. Countless white stars compose the hills and waves in the avenues and capture the daily routine, a dense carpet of snow lying around the woodland palace. Leaves of forests burst out crying like slow-rain falling from the sky. Sometimes the winter-stars are like nasturtiums and astrantia flowers. Sometimes they are the bluish eyeballs of my kitten. In the winter, the wooden-river is unemotional and undisturbed, and they forget their source and destiny. Crispy snow hugs the crackling trees; the heartbeats sharply move into their boughs. They wake up from thousands of years of sleeping. Kissing branches with flowering tips break the silence; an untouched relation calls souls to the white-dust-festival. They wait for the timber flame to recover their healing power. They want to get back to their calmer, stressless and simpler life.