Poems by— Chandan Mitra

Poems by—  Chandan Mitra

Poems by—
Chandan Mitra

Translated by Papri Mitra

Common Snipe

In the deep of mud
Entering beak again and again
You will be searching until death
Where is Hladini Shakti

From one river bank
To different river banks
You will be searching minutely
Where is Hladini Shakti

You will do not find anywhere …

(Note : Hladini Shakti is a Sanskrit phrase. It’s literary meaning is delighting power. The phrase is usually used in Hindu mythological context. According to Hindu mythology Shrimatee Radha is the source of Shri Krishna’s Hladini Shakti )


Am I in dense of you ?

Glass and coating
Which obstruct transparency
And wooden frame
All these are you

I will search no more
Search is a disorder
That kills comfort
As I stand in front of you
You glitter and give
Aesthetic illusion …


Oh my Tuesday
Why you are so far my lord
In this Friday I will be
Not in sleeping
Not in proper awakening

This Friday is only hanging
Pictures one by one
The picture of 9 and 35 am
The picture of next moments
The picture of Diamond Harbour local train
Which reaching Gurudasnagar with a single run
Takes breath

And that old College street
Smoky Coffee House

Throughout my Tuesday canvas
Only you…


Story-day ends but fire is never extinguished
Rather it starts to increase
Thirst increases also

The pain that is like a stone
Imprisoning in the heart pressures the blood
Story-day floats all these
Though it is for a moment

Story begins to meet it’s end
Story-day is also

So again fire
Again the hunger of story
The midday train runs sounding jham jham

In the midnight the poet is enchanted again…