Poems by- Akash Mamon

Poems by- Akash Mamon

The art of knitting

Like a sedulous mind of a weaver
I knit the shari of love on your elegance
I became an artist by dint of the enormity of canvas
Where there is no boundary by pulling an edge
The marvelous shari gets filled with artistic sound in prudent loom
Humorous hand draws the colorful rangoli on the canvas of shari
As much as hue makes a piece of cloth into shari
I keep that much on your body, rest of the hue suck on my lip

Childish Sufia renounces your shyness, becomes a leady
Get experienced with the art of knitting
In your experienced hand like your favorite sweater
Knit my harlot body with adroit love


A rose was blooming with her open boobs
Last night landlord kills that rose
And beseems the dead body in his wife’s hair
A girl was walking by shaking her pigtail 
Like a flying butterfly with fluttering wings
The sibling rose is now wishing to commit suicide 
Because after the death he will get the wings of bird
He will be adorning in the hair of the walking girl.


A blue butterfly enters in the alley from the avenue 
Her innocent glamorous face reflects on the billboard 
The glamor of billboard stays awaken around the city
I see obliquely on the billboard with my fluttering chest.