Poems by- Karno Kapuri

Poems by- Karno Kapuri

The Eclipse Of Earth

Neat ceiling of the whole
I’s gazing on feared existance.
Day-night’s eyes are exclaimed,
Never they did see in previous
Rounds, the eclipse of earth.

Any eclipse of novel Galaxy can’t
Stay with time to move;but
This eclipse carries it’s increment
With each tiny part of time
And spreads it’s shadow swiftly wide.

The rocks,valley,river, woods
And plain unchangingly round,
But only a spacies cancered
In breast of earth,the toughen race
Of creation goes to lose day to day.

The human eater gloomy cloud cover
The earth with black.Earth’s silent weep
Reflected from each corner of land
Midst the havoc.The entire caused
For Corona,the eclipse of earth.

Unknown One

I didn’t know the man
Whom I faced.
But I had seen him before.
An unknown fellow
Examined me and I did him.
His hair wanted to be black and complex
And eyes were going to airy depth too.
The three folded forehead
Seemed fade with burden of desire ____
Dream to best an artist.
Lips were like the droughty field,
Which wanted only time’s truth,
And tried to escape all fantasy.
He bended to reality.
As I noticed.

He,the utter stranger–completly alien
But too close to me,tried to speak,
Although vain was that.
I saw an artist was sinking,
And a techno being aroused.
These all.
I saw his anterior before me
Through a mirror.

The Field

In the pure noiseless zone of battle field
With the presence of invisible enemy with guilt.
My conscious i’s alert with my weapons’ aid,
My heart beats against the rib under the shade.
The vultures fly within nearer shadow of walls
Often someone hears their deadly calls.
But though, never broken the tremendous tranquility
And everyone loves oneself with fake utility.
The more violence i’s appeared in time of setting sun;
But for the ending of war,some try to make fun.
They stupid, who forget the upcoming morrow
Will may fetch a triump or a vast sorrow.
All stand on sudden increment or fall
I am describing the atmosphere of exam-hall.