Poem by- Sushant Kumar B.K

Poem by- Sushant Kumar B.K

Mother looks exhausted

…..And she works
Nowhere, some say
Neither at any
Administrative workplace
Nor any I/NGOs
No job; nothing, she does.

Yet, she wakes up
Always early in the morning
Along with cock’s doodle -doo
And, the whole day and late night
And in sun, in rain,
She accomplishes
Called, household chores
Cause, She, a Mother,
Who beholds a golden
Future for her offspring

She has no such thing
And, A Housewife,
An identity all provide
And exhausted, she
Always looks
Multiple times than any
Office goer
As her eyes awake like
Owl over the night
And hands unrest like a
Cause, A golden future
As she beholds
For her offspring.

Be conscious and
And read then interpret
Your mother’s eyes,
You will see
Tears rolling down yet
Smile on face
And exhausted yet
Loaded with affection
As your achievement is
Her satisfaction
So, she cares
Upbringing you
The best way
Because, as a golden future she
For her offspring

Though not any sort of
Job it means to be
Yet she is uncelebrated,
Unsung hero
Behind my success
As a golden future always she
For her offspring.