Poems by- Sakib Jamal

Poems by- Sakib Jamal

Yes to Palestine

Decades after decades, in Palestine
People are Crying…

Nothing but, for the freedom,
For free land, for safe home,
For human right they deserve,
For Al-aksa to preserve.

Everyone knows, everything of those.
But, why doesn’t bloom the freedom rose!

Yes, its your failure!
Yes, its our failure!

We are blind,
Loving narcissistic mind.

What is the way, we believe rights of Palestinian?
Its really pivotal things to think, quickly, like bee line!

Ponder! you will find a word, if you have humanity near to zero!
That’s ‘yes’. So, say, yes, ‘Yes to Palestine’ like a hero!

Coffin of Clouds In The Sky!

Pieces of cloud, like coffin, are floating in the sky!
At the end of the relentless surrender- the lost souls,
With sad sighs of their relatives- amalgamating both.
In this present world, now,
It’s the physics of cloud’s creation forth!
In the natural water cycle, more or less,
Transformation of tears the pivotal role of the clouding process!

Normal clouds, normal rain- when does it occur again?
Nature is waiting for that, with hesitation…

Language of the secret love!

When your eyes speak-
I listen it into my heart!
Don’t think, I am Fakir, Dervish, Sage or Fortune teller-
Just a Lover!
Not only that,
Unheard news should be known by the lovers, I know!

The red-blue stage of mind
The lover should be understood. And
Before leaving for a trip
Hidden application in the fold of flowers!
What is writing there? Cued song,
Or request to keep distance!

The gesture is the hidden language of the secret love!