Poem by- Uday Shankar Durjay

Poem by- Uday Shankar Durjay

Unsettled Landscape

If ever I knew you punish the loneliness just yourself, then
I would have started my run from the end of the beginning.
I spread my dreams across the horizon of a relentless storm
with my unbounded mind. I try to uncover where the sky hangs
to kiss the ground.

I try to figure out the unnamed sunset inside you
that is as white as daisies and it’s untouched complete. My roots
have been craving to soak in your diamonds.

No whispering, no ungentle speeches, a flowered bed
is still empty for your adorable touches. But I want to
run again beyond the ocean to uncover the meeting landscape.

You wanted to lay under the
cloud until the stardust wakes up with a piece of good luck.
Don’t punish your anonymous loneliness alone; let me be your part,
let me catch the dust of your winsome tears.