Poems by- Nahar Alam

Poems by- Nahar Alam


Nameless flowers…wishes are blooming!
Lotus colored dawn— hafl closed door
Shameless envy is flying in moisture air
Now the sunshine going to set;
After passing hafl Krosh(one mile)!

If there flying wond blooded handkerchief, let flying!
If burn the hearts in much exudation, let exudate!
The uncounted nights flourishing with tears
Pregnant dreams will exhaust in time of delivery
The unopened bud of flowers curse on seasons moon
The earth going to die, let go-
In the corrupted trap of blind law…

Time’s tax, then…

I wanna being moment in poetries calmness
Entirely in nude desire.
My shabby courage is slaughtering in sided breathing,
Erupting burp in fantasy!
Time takes taxes each and every moment,
By her rules.
Coiled a sur-realism heart pain
In heart and thought.
Attention don’t increase
Even in daily Yoga;
Even so go by ever—
Life like easy story
Searched for artful bed busk…

And map

Attached in mean moonlight of widowhood
Still archaeological life!
A question is very identified!
Ever life a authenticity map by how much death?
Burnt sun sleeps in my heart which come by greenland;
A desire of very cautious!
The surrounding of domestics in burning ground is declined by arson!
After these proudly running our victory of comfort…