Poems by- Binita Sarkar

Poems by- Binita Sarkar

Lost Love

Day by day becoming the past
Getting lost in the tide of time
Don’t search for a long time anymore
Still I am fine
In the attraction of being well

Under the same sky
Burned in the same sun heat
I am writing the burning poetry
Still unknown unknown and unknown
The pasture drowned in the coldness

This one is another separation
Flowing night
As I go drowning
At the end of the day, extending my hand
I want to touch you

Very restless at this time
I will take you far away
If the sunshine does not come beyond the night
Our story will remain in the soil,grass and water
Loving the sweet sunshine
If you don’t search again ever
I will remain without you
In this darkness
In this immense silence


Come on, let’s go
There is no time to stand here

Look at the people on the street
And those Upset stickers

The vultures are flying
Green color is coming out from the leaves

Here the river water is red
The pungent smell of gunpowder in the air

Come on come on walk fast
No time to stand

Must return before evening falls
Otherwise there is great danger


Invisible fear
A whole man swallows

Half the world is drowning in fear

The pen and the heart stop beating together
Fear there too

Empire of fear
Increases rapidly

As far as the eye can see

Fear Comes to swallow
Exhale to the side of the neck
Fear everywhere
Strange one infection


And remember that shows fear
More fear in his mind


In the current of wild smell
The body floats at night

The forest grows with the darkness

How many faces come out from under the mask

In the ears of the leaves
History whispers

Forbidden living spots
Stick to the white shirt

In the concrete forest
Striped people walk

Gradually the night increased
Half the world falls into the brothel