Poems by- Manojit Kumar Das

Poems by-      Manojit Kumar Das

Bloomy youth

Bloomy youth plays in the hot sun of Baishakh
The sun shines hotly on the beach of sea.
Restless beautiful girls sunbathe under colorful umbrellas.
The game of bloomy youth goes in the foamy waters of the sea.
Sunbathing in the corsets of great beauties-
The beautiful girls bathe in the scorching sun.
In the deep night, the game of bloomy youth of naughty beauties goes on
In the colorful light fountain of the five star hotel
The cool sands of the ocean night beach
Shining in the light of the full moon.
The night is deep in the coastal slums
The bride is waiting in the slum room
Intoxicated by the boiling youth of the drunken husband.
A herd of dogs on a quiet beach in the moonlight
The smell wafted under the ruined umbrella, hoping for a sniff.

In the womb of Mahakal

In the womb of the Mahakal, the sigh of pleasure of the pharaohs
Civilization is on fire
Witness his great age.
Tomorrow is indefinite
The crisis of civilization has been going on from time to time
Surrounded by the clarity of the glass, the form of a woman-youth is washed away
From time to time
In the womb of the Mahakal

She will also be successful

She is a virgin
There are stones like Ahlya
How much spring;
It is a desolate land,
One day She too will be free from the curse.
She is a virgin
She is still a girl;
No farmer has come even today
With a plowshare
To make the offspring prosperous.
She is a virgin
Farmer sows seeds at the end of cultivation
A farmer in Ahalyabhumi
Will curse one day or another,
Like Ahlya, one day She too will be successful.