Poems by Mridha Alauddin

Poems by Mridha Alauddin

Poems by Mridha Alauddin
Translated by Tuwa Noor

A Bunch of my Metaphors

The terrible storm of Amfan hits the buttocks of Ballerina
like an extreme arrow of darkness the buttocks
On the soft buttocks of Ballerina.

The Brajban
Your veil flew away in the Brajban in the brazen wind like the clouds of
calm autumn

Peaceful Green air
The drop of happiness is disappearing like a dream in a peaceful green air.

In my turbulent pier
Like the waves of ocean you hit at the shore of the river
at my turbulent pier.

Marble stone
You are incomparable in my life like the Tajmahal,
It’s simply a marble stone of sorrow.

The dead end lane of sorrow
The heart is burning slowly like the candlelight,
It’s a dead end lane of sorrow.

The morning sunlight comes at my door like a soft wave
of the river as a cascade of butterfly.

The demons together tearing apart and engulfing the soft body
of the rivers.

My land
My land is like the little girl ‘Felani’ hanging in the barbed wire
as a piece of Moon.

The swarm of Ants
The people are going to the ocean,
Lined up like the millions gorgeous swarm of ants.

Confusion 1

The rose of Basra blossomed in my garden
in the alley or in the soft river of heart as it
came down from Samarkhand and Bokhara.

Confusion 3

My body rises like a Minaret out of the alley, quicksand
or waste disposal.

The white body of snail
The intense surge of Amfan sucked the snail’s white body whole night
like a blue soft sucker.

Injured birds
We are two injured birds,
Sitting behind the branches like an umbrella.

The flowers of sorrow
The people are lying on the streets like dead fish,
look like as flower of sorrow.

The Tajmahal
I am a pyramid of pain, torn by stone,
as the Tajmahal soaked with rain.

The last Sun of my day drowned in the horizon
like the ‘Mehedi’ painted hand.

Your Love
Your Love is like white curd and as bright as cherry blossom.

Juice of desire
The juice of desire that flows in blood via heart is set on fire in a furnace.

Like a poem
Your hairs are like a poem when the south wind blows.

In your coiffure
I see the sunlight of the evening in the coiffure of your black hair.

The lifespan of river
The life of new river was generous like the green wood.

Soft flesh
A naked lady like the river struck on my soft flesh.

Injured rose
The injured rose laid close to your leg like a tiny tissue paper.

The vultures seized my scented body like the snakes.

A deep darkness surrounded me, a disaster like the Corona.

Darkness and Sunlight
The waterfall from the mountain entered in my house as darkness and as Sunlight, and as the new Moon.

Inside my heart
The beautiful moment of winter morning is now blowing in my heart.

Dark Blue River
The blind blue river struck the darkness, a terrible form of Amfan.